It’s summer!!! A few of my recent June faves:
Taking my Polaroid camera on countless weekend adventures.
The Essie 2010 Summer Resort collection… Lapis of Luxury, Splash of Grenadine, and Turqoise & Caicos are my summer staples.
Sipping the foam from the top of my morning hazelnut soy latte from the Bean.
Wavy summer hair that requires next to no effort.
(Heated) pool workouts.
Beachside bike rides with friendies on my new blue beach cruiser.
Our freezer full of raspberry, strawberry & grape popsicles.
Pleated leather bags and white jeans.
a lovely summer playlist.
p.s. saving my pennies for this photograph.
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I think I’ve found my new summer look: beachy waves and coral lips.

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I am the happiest girl right now, knowing that I’ll be spending my summer nights and weekends cruising around town and the beach on my pretty, pale blue bike.
And if I can fill my basket with some peonies, that’ll just be a bonus.

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this west coast look is the definition of my summer wardrobe inspiration.
must find: belted shorts and a headwrap scarf.
summer is here. the sun is shining. and it’s still the weekend. YES.
It is almost summer!! I think that is reason enough to celebrate.
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