this is definitely a must-do for when David and I move back considering how much both of us work on our computers. i think i’ll collect a couple of those moroccan poufs as well.
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i love this.

Photo from shout out in this month’s Society Social’s Manifesto Magalog by interior designer Tiffany Richey!
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white + tribal.
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this is brilliant! love this song, love this decor.

 Learn how to make this here…
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a comfy couch and stacks & stacks of books. perfect.
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Thrilled about marigold as an accent color.
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So. Cute. I could live like this.

Lyndsay and Fitzhurgh’s Brooklyn home, at The Selby
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I would love for a photo collage to occupy a space on my bedroom wall. This one is so dreamy.
Perfect for my bedroom: a “Wish You Were Here” wall.

poppytalk: “Wish You Were Here” Wall
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Opaque  by  andbamnan