Flights to Paris, booked! Beyond excited for Karine’s wedding in Versailles and our four-year anniversary celebrations in the city of lights (and of course, the world’s best pain au chocolat).
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take me back to greece.
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Draw and Travel map by Jackie Mancuso.
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get me here.



Montorosso Beach, Cinque Terre, Italy

It says Italy. I say paradise.
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I truly believe in the importance of getting out of your comfort zone and seeing the world.

(by Rachel Dowda)
It’s official!! Husband & I are traveling to Beijing & Seoul next spring, and we are thrilled.
I am absolutely adding this to my list of destinations.


Lavendar TownApt, Vaucluse France© Ian Cameron
I would love it if my husband surprised me with a trip here.
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what a great idea for a travel map.
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constant case of the travel bug.
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