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I’ve been seeing this print pop up on blogs everywhere lately, and I just think it’s perfect for January. The designer has been so great as to make it available to download (for free!!). I’m planning on printing one to frame and hang in my apartment, and another for my office. Enjoy!


i’ve been thinking of doing this for a while now. after i saw this floating around, i wanted to make my own version to hang on my wall. and knowing me, well, i had to make it all ~shnazzy~ so i made this 11x17 poster. i made it so you can download yourself one too, if you like. it’s a nice PDF file so you can take that to Kinko’s and blow it up and hang it nicely in your room or whateva.
I’m dreaming of a dusky weekend getaway… good thing my birthday is coming up, and the holidays just around the corner mean some extra rest and relaxation.
I’m ready to do some Christmas shopping, watch all the Glee episodes I’ve missed (who has time to watch tv these days?), get everything picture perfect for Thanksgiving week, and book our flights to China.
So grateful for all of the wonderful things ahead! Happy weekend!
Happy Friday!
So looking forward to a weekend of r&r: sleeping in, lazy mornings, breakfasts of almond crossaints & French press, some light reading (French Women for All Seasons, The Happiness Project), sipping cocktails & organic wine on the patio, Mad Men, biking at the beach, & a little boat ride date with my hubby.
Now off to get my morning breve. Foamy lattes work wonders for my workdays.
Have a lovely weekend..
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sounds like the perfect weekend plan.
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I just want to be home, lounging around my apartment, with my hair in a messy bun, dressed in one of husband’s cozy old t-shirts, hanging out with my best friend.
Friday cannot come sooner.


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I would love to pay this place a visit in the near future.
happy weekend. xoxo.
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